T.D. Bank considers move to Grand Ave
by Heather Senison
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T.D. Bank is eyeing 73-49 Grand Avenue, formerly a Blockbuster Video, for a new branch in Maspeth – but some residents are questioning whether the area really needs another bank.

Kathy Schmidt, a Maspeth resident and T.D. Customer of six years who was walking along Grand Avenue on Monday, said “it's good because the two T.D. Banks that are out here, one is up on Metropolitan Avenue and the other one is [on] Fresh Pond Road.”

She added that there are already several banks along Grand Avenue, but asked, “what else are they going to put there, another nail salon?”

According to a T.D. Bank representative, the branch would offer seven-day banking with extended hours and will lend loans to local businesses.

In addition, the branch would hire about 15 full and part-time employees from the community, he said.

But the opening of the branch would take several months to accomplish, as T.D. Bank needs approval from the community and the city before construction can start.

A Maspeth resident of 18 years who wished to remain anonymous said she would rather have another place to get groceries.

“All there seems to be is nail stores and 99-cent stores and banks,” she said.

Patty, a Glendale resident who walks along Grand Avenue while waiting to pick up the girl she babysits from I.S. 58, agreed that there are a lot of banks in the area.

“But I guess people have money and like options,” she said.

Patty said a place to eat or a Walgreens would be a good way to fill the vacant space.

Maspeth Chamber of Commerce President Mike Terry said he did hear that a new bank was scouting the area. He said Grand Avenue wouldn't need another grocery store at that location, since its across the street from a Stop & Shop, but “we've got an awful lot of banks.

“But all business is good,” Terry said. “I'd rather have a bank in there than have the building empty.”

When asked what kind of business he would prefer to fill the space, Terry said “it would also be nice if we had something new retail-wise that might bring people in.

“We do seem to have more banks than we know what to do with,” he said.

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miss maspeth
March 14, 2012
The last thing Maspeth needs is another bank, 99 cent store, or nail salon. Can we get some retail stores...After losing Mandee's there is no where left to shop. We need more retail...Banks take up lots of space and don't really employ that many people.
March 03, 2012
Good job kathy thats my grandma