Wagging the dog
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Dear Editor,

President Donald Trump may have ordered the killing of Iran’s General Soleimani to “wag the dog,” perhaps hoping the news would center upon the threat of Iran relieving the pressure that impeachment is exerting.

Regardless of the reasons, America has and shall sustain the pain of reprisals. It would be delusional to believe the contrary. Iran with all of its negatives is a proud powerful nation that has withstood orchestrated attacks from the United States.

At the very time that sanctions were compelling Iranians into open opposition to the regime, Trump’s impetus act has removed that opposition. Iran is now of one opinion that America is a threat negating the offenses of the Iranian theocracy.

The administration spokesmen’s claims that the U.S. is safer is refuted by the realities. The State Department has declared that all Americans should immediately leave the area.

The Defense Department has sent the rapid deployment force of the 82nd Division to the area. Thousands of our service personnel are being placed on alert.

Trump never considered the consequences of the kill order leaving Americans, our allies and Israel subject to threat. The primary obligation of a President is to protect and safeguard the nation and our citizens.

Trump either disregarded this or failed to consider it. In either case, Trump has demonstrated a remarkable contempt for his duties or ineptitude.


Ed Horn


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